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Car Wash

We are a premier distributor of the finest vehicle wash systems, equipment, products and solutions in Michigan.

Car Wash

Equipment and Services:

  • In-Bay Automatics
  • Conveyor Tunnels
  • Friction Rollovers
  • Self Service Equipment
  • Large Vehicle Washing
  • Chemical Solutions
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Vacuums & Combo Units
  • Surveillance Systems

We focus our expertise and energy on our customers with hundreds of highly successful sites serviced throughout Michigan.

Service that Revolves around You

From Design / Build contracts to Preventative Maintenance and Marketing Programs, Oscar W. Larson Company’s staff will provide you with all the proven expertise you need and expect to succeed in today’s car washing marketplace.

When choosing a location and designing a top-notch car wash system, through installation and service support, our highly effective sales and service teams dedicate themselves to helping you achieve your business goals.