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The Oscar W. Larson Company performs work in a professional, productive, safe and environmentally sensitive manner. Safety of our employees is our greatest responsibility along with safeguarding the general public and our customer’s property. Safety is an integral part of how we do business and we have adopted a comprehensive plan to carry out that policy.

Our policy is to provide a safe working environment, free of hazards and to provide adequate safety devices and all required training to all employees.


It is our goal to create safety awareness among our employees so that each individual understands that they have the ultimate responsibility to work smart and return home safe at the end of each day.


Preparing employees for the work they engage in is fundamental to creating a safety-conscious workplace. Pre job planning, job-hazard recognition, safety training, and specific tools/equipment are all procedural steps taken and utilized on a regular basis to avoid hazards and keep employees safe.

Continued Improvements

The Oscar W. Larson safety committee is made up of leaders throughout the company who actively engage in safety meetings by sharing lessons learned, improving process and procedures, revising standard work practices and performing regular field audits of work being performed.


It is a fundamental practice to comply with all applicable local, state and federal regulatory agencies to ensure that safe work practices, transportation regulations, and environmental considerations are being followed.


We pride ourselves in the investment we make in our employees by providing them proper safety training from day one and throughout their career.

Typical employee training covers:
OSHA 10 Hour
American Petroleum Institute (API)
Defensive Driving

If a job cannot be performed safely, then it shall not be done.

Lead by example
Respect & Teamwork
Safety first
Open communication
No excuses