We are excited to announce that Oscar W. Larson and Canary Compliance have signed a partnership agreement to offer Canary’s data-driven remote tank monitoring system for underground storage tank owners. The collaboration will automate the identification of compliance-related problems and digitize the collection and storage of compliance-related paperwork. Canary’s technology will also help customers recognize, troubleshoot, and, with Larson’s support, execute compliance and maintenance activities.

As a leader in full service petroleum and fluid handling equipment contracting, Oscar W Larson is committed to delivering high quality service and proven cost-effective methods to save the customer time and money. Our collaboration with Canary supports our commitment providing customers with access to state-of-the-art technology, particularly as compliance activities come under increased scrutiny with regulatory updates from the EPA and states.

Here is a brief overview of Canary’s solution:

  • Predict problems before they occur with Canary’s revolutionary remote UST monitoring system. The hardware installs in minutes, connecting ATGs to a secure, wireless network.
  • Users will enjoy real-time access to ATG data anytime, anywhere. Specialized software guides users through an alarm workflow to monitor, track, and resolve issues.
  • By addressing alarms promptly and effectively, users will have peace of mind and achieve improved compliance outcomes (digitized documentation addresses the #1 cause of non-compliance – missing paperwork).

Learn more at Canary’s website (www.cancomply.io).

Contact Bill Giles (bgiles@larsonco.com; 810-560-3606) or Jon Kelly (jkelly@cancomply.io; 703-674-6385) for more information.