Oscar W. Larson Company Responds to Emergency Repair Call on Mackinac Island

Transportation to Mackinac Island yesterday, February 7th, was not easy. The ferry lines were shut down for the season due to ice, and the airport was not taking flights due to poor visibility. This leaves only one option – those wishing to get to and from Mackinac Island had to hop on their snowmobiles to traverse the 3.5 mile ice bridge spanning Lake Huron.

Oscar W. Larson Co. received an emergency service call that the only retail fuel site on the island had their gasoline pump down. Many residents and visitors on the island depend on this fuel in the winter months for their equipment and snowmobiles that they use for transportation and hauling supplies. 

Without hesitation, Oscar W. Larson Co. took the call and fought the elements to traverse the ice bridge spanning Lake Huron from St. Ignace to Mackinaw Island.

Once the fuel pump was repaired, the amount of gratitude from the island residents was encouraging. We love what we do and strive to go above and beyond for our customers. We think calls like these exemplify our motto…

We work HARDER than the other guys.”

The airport is shut down again today due to the weather, and we received another emergency call from the DNR on the island. The diesel pump that services their emergency vehicles, including the fire truck, is down and requires emergency service.

Yet another adventure awaits the Oscar W. Larson Company. Thank you Phillip Matheny and all of the crew based out of our Gaylord, MI branch. Keep up the great work!