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ChargePoint, Inc. Electric Vehicle Charging

Oscar W. Larson Company is proud to sell and install ChargePoint, Inc. Charging Solutions for residential, workplaces, retailers, fleets and beyond.


ChargePoint, Inc. is the world’s largest EV charging network, having recently announced that it has surpassed 100,000 places to charge across its global network. With charging solutions across every category where EV charging is required, ChargePoint, Inc. has a fully integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services, and service and support plans, with solutions for residential, workplaces, retailers, fleets and beyond. With more than a decade of experience, ChargePoint, Inc. is committed to making it easy for businesses and drivers to go electric.

ChargePoint, Inc. Parking Operators

Parking Operators

Prime parking facilities can meet EV charging demands. ChargePoint, Inc. solutions enable the best parking lots to turn into charging lots by offering networked EV charging.

Boost revenues.

Installing charging stations allows you to capture a fast growing segment that is willing to pay more for dedicated parking spots with charging. With ChargePoint, Inc.’s cloud-based platform, you can use access control and pricing policies to maximize revenue from your EV enabled parking. Facility managers will have a faster and more accurate way to assess and manage parking demand.

Stand out among competing parking garages.

You can attract commuters, residents, and visitors with improved parking amenities for EV drivers, and develop special offers to encourage loyalty among customers and stay competitive.

ChargePoint, Inc. Municipalities


ChargePoint, Inc. delivers flexible solutions tailored to meet the needs of your municipality. Our hardware technology is rigorously tested to be safe, reliable and able withstand the elements, while offering visitors a driver-friendly, premium charging experience

Choose the Right Level of Electric Vehicle Charging for Your Fleet

Moving to a fleet of electric vehicles is not only environmentally friendly, it can drive significant savings. But that’s only true if vehicles are ready to go when they are needed.

Standalone Express 250 – 62.5 kWh

A single Express 250 offers flexibility with your EV charging program. Its small footprint makes it easy to deploy and gives drivers the ability to add range quickly if an AC station isn’t available.

With 25% more power than 50 kW stations, the Express 250 allows sites to charge more vehicles faster. As demand for fast charging increases, a single station can be paired to provide more power.

ChargePoint, Inc. Paired Express

Paired Express 250

A Paired Express 250 installation does more than just double the power of a single station. It is a smart solution shares power between the two stations to better address the energy requirements of vehicles.

In a paired configuration, the Express 250 can charge two vehicles at the same time and share power based on power allocation polices that best meet the demands of the site.

The Paired Express 250 is the best way to support current and future vehicles with the same installation

ChargePoint, Inc. Phone

Find a Place to Charge

  • Check for open spots in real time.
  • Search by price and charging speed. Many spots are free to use.
  • Start a Charge from Your Phone
  • Start a charging session with the ChargePoint, Inc. app. Or use your free ChargePoint, Inc. card.
  • Track It All in One Place
  • See how much money you are saving.
  • Compare your home and public charging.
ChargePoint, Inc. Chart

ChargePoint, Inc. has all your charging solutions!

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