The Sunoco project in Novi, MI, was a total raze and rebuild. The property is located in a floodplain and required special use designation, along with other variances from the City of Novi and FEMA. The small .69 acre site presented a challenge due to obvious limited working area. The existing building was abandoned for many years and dilapidated. Existing walls were required to remain, which dictated extensive shoring. On-site soil and water had substantial areas of contamination and required remediation during and after existing UST removal.

Ground water was high and the Middle Rouge River ran through the site. A heavy Spring thaw and substantial rain created problems during excavation for the new sanitary sewer tap, which was deep and close to the river. We remedied the situation with casual dewatering, trench shoring, and productivity. Grand River Avenue was in the process of being widened and a new bridge was being built during our project, which required daily logistical coordination with the road contractor, bridge contractor, and the Road Commission for Oakland County. The proposed fuel canopy was challenging as it was an asymmetrical shape. The structure went up seamlessly.