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Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing

Oscar W. Larson Company offers a comprehensive solution for removing contamination and free water along with a patented process for restoring fuel quality and remediating phase separation. We are a Licensed Service Partner of this patented technology that is changing customer expectations.

Over the last decade tank cleaning and fuel polishing has evolved significantly and with the flexibility of the technology it means we can customize our service to meet our clients’ tank cleaning and fuel polishing needs.

Fuel Polishing

Phase Separation

Our tank cleaning and fuel polishing technology removes free water and remediates the remaining phase separated fuel to a saleable condition without additives. You will not need to dispose of your phase separated fuel or dose it with unproven additives.

Microbial Contamination

Many commonly occurring microbes in petroleum products grow in the water/fuel interface or in sludge on the tank floor. Our tank cleaning and fuel polishing process will remove microbial growth and the environment they live in and reduce the reoccurrence rate of microbial growth to almost zero.

Degraded Diesel

Our process can recondition and restore aged, degraded diesel fuel to clean and dry fuel. The risks of ageing diesel fuel are well known and engaging us annually to recondition and regenerate your backup fuel supply could save thousands of dollars in fuel replacement costs.

filtering fuel

Simply filtering fuel is no longer enough to offer a premium tank cleaning and fuel restoration service. Our tank cleaning and fuel polishing service means you can:

  • Improve the cost effectiveness of free phase water removal from tanks
  • Remediate phase separation
  • Eliminate costly insurance claims from vehicles breaking down
  • Kill and remove microbial growth and the environment they live in
  • Reduce the reoccurrence rate of microbial growth to almost zero
  • Eliminate problems with blocked filters
  • Improve the functionality of pumps and ATGs
  • Eliminate power outages involving critical emergency power backup systems
  • Remediate and re-sell degraded fuel stock
Case Study: Phase Separation

Case Study: Phase Separation

Leighton O’Brien’s client removed 21,000 liters of phase separated fuel from an underground storage tank and had planned to dump the fuel. Using market-leading patented fuel restoration technology, the fuel was processed while it was stored in a 5 compartment tanker to an on spec octane level of 87.

Prior to the clean there was a significant volume of free water on the tanker floor. After the treated fuel was returned to the UST, the E10 fuel was dosed with a small amount of premium 92. At $1/liter fuel cost this job saved the customer more than $15,000 if they had chosen to dump the fuel.

Global fuel retailers trust this process to restore phase separated product to dry and correct octane levels, convert their entire network to E10 without phase separation issues, address wide bacterial contamination issues, manage fuel quality programs and provide independent fuel sampling to thousands of underground storage tanks.

Case Study: Degraded Diesel

A Licensed Service Partner had a customer with several trucks that experienced problems after purchasing contaminated diesel fuel from a private client. The client was unaware the fuel was dirty. As a result of the contamination, the client had to pay for repairs for the damage to the vehicles.

To resolve the situation, the licensed service partner was initially asked to do a fuel sweep on the tank. The fuel sweep utilizes a vacuum truck to remove water from a tank. Upon consultation with the fuel polishing team, it was determined that a better course of action would be to perform fuel restoration on the tank. Unlike other tank cleaning services, this market-leading technology removes only liquid waste from tanks – not fuel.

The licensed service partner’s team arrived on site with a patented fuel cleaning truck. Initial fuel samples showed a significant amount of water, debris and bacteria build up in the tank. The team completed fuel restoration services in just a day, allowing the client to sell clean fuel with minimal downtime soon after.